Avalon Airshow 2011


This year’s Avalon Airshow (1-6 March) was better than ever despite the partly overcast, cool weather during the week. Fortunately, it was neither cool nor cloudy enough to dampen spirits or inhibit aerial displays, and all exhibitors were pleased with the turnout.

AOS shared a stand in Hall A with PHM Technology, a Melbourne company specialising in developing software tools that assist in the design, monitoring and assessment of prognostic health management (PHM) systems. AOS and PHM Technology are currently collaborating on an intelligent PHM system for aircraft.

AOS offers the world's leading technology for autonomous decision making, and in particular, for safety critical applications such as aerospace. Partly through its involvement in the ASTRAEA Project, AOS is actively involved with industry regulators, such as the UK's Civil Aviation Authority, in the definition of standards for the emerging market of UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles). AOS is developing a new product line for intelligent decision making (called C-BDI).  Hand in hand with the development of C-BDI, AOS is adopting technologies and processes that are required to meet mandatory standards in the aeronautics industry, e.g. DO178B and its successors, so that C-BDI will comply with future regulations and customer requirements for safety.

C-BDI offers a means of expressing high-level decision-making logic that is immediately amenable to certification against stringent safety requirements. This approach comprises a model-driven development environment and auxiliary tools for safety analysis, all supporting an incremental certification strategy. C-BDI extends the power of the decision-making logic, based on the well-known BDI paradigm, by integrating some of the most recent results in multi-agent research, especially multi-goal decision logic.

AOS thanks Jacek Stecki and Shanna Rudov-Clarke from PHM Technology for their support and camaraderie during Avalon 2011.

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