iWD — Autonomous Response System

Protecting areas from unwanted intrusions or visitors has always been an important task. It might be a military base, a mine site, or a chemicals storage area. These unwanted visitors may not be humans - they might be bats eating a cherry farmer’s crop, or birds sampling the delights of a ripe grape harvest.

JACK 5.6c is available from 1 July

AOS is releasing Java v1.8-compatible JACK 5.6c that includes fixes to the compiler compatibility issue with the new bytecode constant values introduced with Java 1.8.

Notices for v5.6c availability will be emailed to JACK commercial licence holders prior to the release date.

AOS Sponsoring “iSEE”, an innovative Research Opportunity at Sydney University

Farms, vineyards and orchards form Australia’s agricultural industry. Along with mining and educational services, agriculture is one of Australia’s three key export-earning industries. Consequently there is an opportunity to improve productivity using innovative applications of new technologies.

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