AOS Presents at "Autonomy in IO" Conference


Held in Stavangar, Norway, the Autonomy in Integrated Operations (IO) Conference brings together oil and gas companies, technology providers and the research community to define current and future requirements for autonomous systems in the oil and gas industry.

There is growing market pressure on the oil and gas sector to develop and operate remote fields located in inhospitable regions. Autonomy offers a practical, near-term means to achieve this goal.

AOS Group CEO, Dr Andrew Lucas, presented "Unnmanned Aerial Systems (UAS): Lessons learned relevant for the oil and gas industry".

In this talk, Dr Lucas described Autonomous Decision Making Systems (ADMS), their application to the aviation industry and the extent to which such solutions relate to the oil and gas industry. He concluded that there is considerable potential for decision-making software to provide autonomous capability for key exploration and production functions.

This will potentially provide a reduction in incidents resulting from human error. Such autonomous systems will have to be safety assured, and will benefit from lessons learned from the development of technology and regulations for the aviation industry.

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