AGFT and GameTech 2011


This year, the US Army Games for Training (AGFT) conference and the Defense GameTech Users’ Conference were held concurrently at the Caribe Royale Hotel in Orlando (21-25 March). As both conferences deal with serious games and their applications for training, the shared venue made sense even though attendance at AGFT is by invitation only. 

Andy Park, Director of North American Operations, represented the company at both events. He reported the turnout for GameTech was noticeably larger than last year and the new arrangement with AGFT worked well despite an overlap of events on Wednesday. 

“It was a really busy week,” Andy recalled. “I split my time between showing demo videos of our CoJACK-VBS2 integration to interested conferees and attending tutorials and presentations.”

Andy said the demos of our CoJACK virtual actors within VBS2 continue to attract attention and the tutorials, presentations and keynote addresses were both informative and, in some cases, revealing.

"The speakers and presenters were really good,” he said, “not only could I catch up on the latest developments in serious games, but I also learned from the military what they wanted game-based training to provide to soldiers, what worked and didn’t work in their environment and where they wanted this training to go in the future.”

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