Suspect Package in London (video clip)

This scenario is based in a London plaza (e.g. Canary Wharf) following a PA announcement (text, upper left) that has just warned people of a heightened terror alert for unattended baggage. The civilians (CoJACK agents) respond by leaving the area while a London bobby and his bomb-sniffer dog look for what could be a package bomb. The bobby locates it near a trash receptacle and moves it to the centre of the plaza, not a particularly smart move in real life, but it triggers an interesting reaction from a passerby. As civilians return to the plaza and two kids play with the dog, a man walks past the bobby (at about 01:30) spots the package, notices the content, and runs off (at about 01:37).

If your browser won't let you see the video below, download it here:

Download Suspect Package Video

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